Village Drill wins the World Water Challenge 2021

Village Drill wins the World Water Challenge 2021
January 2, 2022 Michael Locklear

Our human-powered Village Drill has provided access to clean water to more than 12 million people. Our customers, drill masters and the communities they serve recognize the success on a daily basis, and it’s always great when scientists, experts and international groups recognize our invention as well.

WHOlives and the Village Drill won the World Water Challenge 2021, an international contest for water solutions held by the Korea Water Forum in conjunction with Korea International Water Week (KIWW). 

WHOlives received the top prize in the South Korean competition in December 2021 – a cash award and recognition as “THE BEST.”

Mike Anderson, director of operations for the Village Drill, presented the capabilities of our technology to a panel of experts.

Event organizers invited applicants from all over the world to submit their solutions to the world’s water crisis. They selected us as one of only nine finalists after screening applications from 32 countries! After hearing the presentations, panelists ultimately awarded the grand prize to WHOlives and the Village Drill.

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