The Village Drill is leading the charge in the fight against water poverty.

With The Village Drill, instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars hiring a 20 ton drilling rig to drill just one well, you can now make the same investment in the Village Drill and produce dozens of wells each year.  Investing in The Village Drill means investing in human-power.

There is only one realistic way to reduce and eliminate scarce and contaminated water, and that is with a drill strong enough to penetrate nearly all substrates, yet portable enough to move into the deepest rural regions where there is simultaneously the greatest need, and least reliable access.  The Village Drill does just that.

The Village Drill offers many advantages to communities it serves

Creates Economic Independence

Communities and individuals with water can now grow healthier crops, go to school, and become industrious, saving time for themselves that was once spent fetching water from great distances. The Village Drill creates a significant social and economic impact.

Creates Sustainable Jobs

The low cost and robust nature of the Village Drill allows entrepreneurs to create a viable drilling business that was nearly impossible with other manual drilling methods. It can be owned, managed, and maintained by local entrepreneurs.

Increases School Attendance

Girls are able to attend school and receive a proper education when they are no longer obligated to fetch water during the day. When water is available, these same girls can stay clean during their menstrual cycles and not be forced to miss school.

Improves Health

A clean water well is superior to an open water source because it prevents a breeding ground for mosquitoes and eliminates malaria. Plus, gastrointestinal diseases from open water sources can be reduced to nearly zero.

Improves Sanitation

The lack of toilets is in direct proportion to the lack of water. Once water is introduced, communities can then be introduced to effective sanitation controls.

Increases Farming Yields

With water and irrigation, communities will increase farming yields and have an additional growing season during the normally dry months.

Simple Transportation & Operation

The Village Drill can access remote communities which most drilling rigs cannot. In fact, we are able to reach 75% more communities for 75% less cost. Plus, the Village Drill can be driven in by a small truck, then hand-carried to its final destination.

Disaster Relief

In the face of a natural disaster, the difference between life and death is immediate access to clean water. The Village Drill can quickly create water points in areas difficult to access.